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My stock market career


2008 - purchase of the first securities

In 2008 I opened my portfolio and bought my first equity position


2010 - Stock exchange license ( Beate Sander , mentoring)

The best-known and now unfortunately no longer among us stock market millionaire in Germany, Beate Sander, explains the rules and methods for success in the capital markets (high-low-courage strategy) and explains why a crash is a great opportunity for investors.


2017 - Coaching "Kickstart Business" by Marco Linke

Kickstart Business is a project by the designer and marketer Marco Linke. With over 20 years of experience, several Amazon and Udemy bestsellers and top 10 apps in the Apple Store, Marco is one of the most successful German marketing lecturers.


2018 - Seminar on technical analysis with Christoph Geyer - Regional Manager of the Technical Analysts Association (VTAD) and the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange

Technical analysis is the only form of analysis for the stock markets that has not changed for more than a century. Even if new trading techniques have been developed, they are based on the same principles as in the early days when Charles Henry Dow developed the first analyzes. In the meantime, technical analysis has become an indispensable addition to the other established analysis methods and has long since found its way into the analysis departments of banks and brokers. In this seminar the basics for working successfully with technical analysis are conveyed.


2019 - Investment training with Mario Lüddemann

In 1996 Mario Lüddemann started as a private stock exchange trader in the German stock market with 5,000 DM start-up capital and in 2001 had already made a million profit as a day trader on the German financial markets. From 2002 to the present day, the stock market professional has made over 55,000 trades with a trading volume of more than 1 billion euros. Today, Mario Lüddemann is financially independent and self-employed as a portfolio manager, financial analyst, book author and university-certified management trainer and is one of the best-known trading coaches in Germany. 


2020 - Technical Analysis meets Money Management with Christoph Geyer - Regional Manager of the Technical Analysts Association (VTAD) and the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange

Seminar on money management in connection with technical analysis. Here Christoph Geyer shows how much money has to be invested in taking risks and works out optimal opportunity / risk profiles with the help of technical analysis. .


2021 - Yield Unlimited and Markttechnik trade successfully with Mario Lüddemann

In this seminar, Mario Lüddemann imparts professional knowledge from more than half a century of trading and stock trading.


2022 - Training program "Certified Financial Technician" (CFTe)

This certificate offers technical analysts and members of VTAD eV in Germany an internationally recognized qualification through a three-stage examination sequence (CFTe I, CFTe II and MFTA).

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