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Disclaimer of liability

Stock market mentor  (Managing Director: Sven Kretschmann, Franz-Jacob-Str. 12, 10369 Berlin), assumes no liability for the analyzes, reports, forecasts and information provided. These do not in any way represent a call or request for individual or general replication, not even by implication. Analyzes or other information do not constitute an invitation to buy or sell securities or derivative financial products. The analyzes, reports, trade suggestions, forecasts and Information is also not conclusive information that is required for an investment decision. In particular, the personal situation of the investor is always decisive for an investment decision. Liability for direct and indirect consequences of the conveyed and provided content is therefore excluded.


All analyzes and information provided by the Aktienkabinett or one of its representatives and partners in the context of this website and publications by Aktienkabinett, do not constitute a financial analysis, financial advice, investment recommendation or request to buy or sell securities or financial instruments. This applies in particular if individual issuers, securities, derivatives or trading platforms are mentioned or discussed.


Subscribers and readers who make investment decisions or carry out transactions on the basis of the published content act entirely at their own risk. The Aktienkabinett assumes no liability for the information provided. In particular, the Aktienkabinett points out the particularly high risks involved in transactions with warrants, futures, CFDs, derivatives and derivative financial instruments. Trading in warrants, futures, CFDs or derivatives is a financial futures transaction. The great opportunities of such business are offset by corresponding risks. Depending on the type and issuer, this can result not only in a total loss of the capital invested, but also in additional losses. For this reason, this type of business requires in-depth knowledge of these financial products, the securities markets, securities trading techniques and strategies.


At the time of publication, managing directors and employees of Börsenmentor can hold shares in securities that are discussed on this website and in publications by the share cabinet, as part of a chart or market analysis. The editors and authors obtain their information from sources and resources that they consider trustworthy. A guarantee regarding the quality and truthfulness of this information cannot and will not be given.


Registering on this website or subscribing to the Aktienkabinett does not imply any authorization to copy, reproduce or pass on to unauthorized third parties. Unless otherwise stated or marked, all rights to the statements contained therein belong to the Aktienkabinett. Any registered violation will be penalized.

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