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Nice that you are interested in the stock market

Sven Kretschmann

Sven Kretschmann

Passionate private investor and founder of stock market mentor

As a beginner, in particular, you will benefit from the large amount of additional information. With the share cabinet, we want to encourage you to take your finances into your own hands and invest independently.

We share our knowledge and experience as investors.


So take a look around and let yourself be inspired by the multitude of different articles!


A person can be very educated, professionally highly successful, and still illiterate when it comes to finances.

Robert T. Kiyosaki


After graduating from high school, I first did an apprenticeship in the automotive industry, with a focus on special vehicle construction. My area of responsibility was incredibly multifaceted and all commercial processes, such as customer acquisition, consulting, marketing, personnel management, as well as the new and further development of products were part of the daily challenges.


After a few years in the world of automobiles, which have driven me enormously, especially in my personal development , I decided to expand my know-how in business administration. I started studying labor market management.  

The content offered included business and economic relationships, politics, labor market processes, statistics, finance and controlling, labor market integration, law, public management, and interpersonal communication and cooperation.


In numerous conversations with one of my trainers, it became clear that he was a shareholder and therefore had a lot to do with the stock market. I found it very exciting and had him explain a lot of things to me that I hadn't really had a clue about before.


It was very helpful for me to talk to someone personally about the very complex topic of the stock market!


I also started reading many books on finance. One book particularly inspired me, namely the book by André Kostolany with the title: "The Art of Thinking About Money" .


I want to be independent. And the best vehicle for independence is money.

André Kostolany

The stock market has now finally become my passion

I finally opened my first depot and canceled my Riester contract. Then I bought my first equity position, which was Microsoft shares. Bit by bit, I continued to expand my investments. Today, a few years later, I was able to set up two large long-term depots with different orientations. In addition to the long-term deposits, I also have a trading depot, whereby I carry out various swing trades or day trades as far as the market situation allows.


Similar to life, it is also in the stock market. One important finding is how to deal with setbacks, such as the most recent corona crisis.

The right mindset plays a crucial role in this. Numerous people act and react very emotionally on the stock market, unfortunately also very close friends of mine. When prices fall, people sell; when prices rise, they buy at high prices. Emotions are not a good advisor on the stock market! Appropriate the thinking of a good entrepreneur and only act based on facts is therefore a rule of thumb!

My observation over the last few years in my circle of friends and acquaintances is a steadily growing interest in the subject of the stock market. I remembered the personal conversations with my trainer on the subject of the stock market, which were very helpful to me. So in 2020 I founded the “Börsenmentor” project with my team.

My appeal is aimed primarily at the younger generation in the context of an aging society and the state pension benefits to be expected in the future. Likewise, it is not particularly advisable to rest on the success of one's parents or grandparents. For my part, I also didn't have the opportunity to use a financial cushion from my parents as a springboard. Everything I have achieved so far, I was able to draw on my own strength, which makes me very proud. There was a time when acquaintances and friends got a lot of appreciation from me because they had apparently already achieved a lot. On closer inspection, it turned out that their parents offered them a great deal of support. Financing the training, the driver's license, the apartment, support with buying a house, etc. Equal opportunities do not exist, as is always said so often in Sunday speeches! Today, a few years later, my appreciation for these acquaintances is very limited, on the contrary. For example, if you still need a financial injection from your parents at the age of 30 to achieve one of your dreams or goals, you should ask yourself whether you are really independent and free! Because there is one thing he is definitely not, and that is successful! Because that's what the stock market is all about!


Do not rely on the success of others and look forward to an exciting journey along the path of successful investing and contact us now!



Your Sven Kretschmann

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