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Sven Kretschmann




1: 1 mentoring

Rapid progress

More safety


Most people do not lose money because they invest in the stock market, but because they enter the world of the stock market completely unprepared!


How does the mentoring work?

At the beginning we will have a free telephone conversation to find out what your personal situation and your current level of knowledge is. If we have convinced you, then we really take off!

How long does the mentoring last?

There are at least 5 mentoring units of 1 hour each, during which we telephone or communicate with each other via video chat, for example ZOOM, depending on your wishes. After these 5 mentoring units, we will accompany you for a long time until you are on "safe feet" . The whole  The duration depends on your individual needs and your progress, similar to driving school. We want you to be successful , that is our incentive!

What does this mentoring “maturity for the stock market” cost you?

The mentoring does not cost you a cent more than just € 399 All Inclusive , which means that follow-up support and all the work equipment we provide are already included in this price.

You do not run any risk of unexpected costs!

Here is a rough overview of the topics

Understand the fundamentals of the stock market

You shouldn't invest without a basic knowledge of the stock market !

Set investment goal, set start-up capital and savings rate

We clarify what your investment goal is and how much capital you want to invest initially and continuously towards your goal.

Determine your investment strategy

Here we discuss the scheme according to which you can invest.

What opportunities are there to invest on and off the stock exchange?

Fixed-term deposits, government bonds, overnight money, physical precious metals, ETFs (index funds), real estate, commodities, open-ended real estate funds, corporate bonds, foreign exchange, stocks, equity funds, hedge funds, cryptocurrencies, P2P loans

Depot opening: fillial bank, direct bank, online broker & what do I even need?

It all depends on your type of investor! We'll find out who you are.

Why you want to buy a security (fundamental stock analysis)

If you are making a purchase as a long-term investment, then you need good reasons as to what that could be, we clarify.

Diversification & spreading of risk

"Broadly diversified, never regretted". You can find out what this has to do with your investment strategy in your mentoring.

Basics of technical chart analysis

The technical analysis or also chart analysis examines the price developments and course formations of charts, i.e. the historical price developments of securities. The aim is to make a concrete statement about the future price development of the underlying. We'll explain how it works.

Observation and stock market psychology

Pay attention to what is happening around you. Because there can always be unpredictable things. Mistakes happen and believing that everything can be foreseen is the first mistake. If an unforeseen event has occurred, then you need to judge whether your stock continues to be a good stock or has become a bad one. Accept the possibility of surprises and respond to them.

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